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With our range of Location Vans you your shoot just got a lot easier, we can pickup from your base, you can travel and plan your shoot, arrive and you have a Make up Costume van/Honey wagon/Production base, no more cabs and trains to deal with. These production vans can go places where the larger vehicles can't. You can also use these in town without any of the parking and size restrictions or running costs you get with the larger location vehicles and Winnebagos all our vehicles also come with a driver.


We can supply the Ultimate Location Vans with production or costume make up splitter set ups  to or our ultra small drivable honey wagons we've also now winnebagos 3.5 ton and 7.5 ton camera trucks and prop vans. You will also find other useful information such as vehicle sizes, specs and rate card details and all our vehicles are with Green Flag cover just in case a gremlin strikes. All our vehicles are fully insured Film and Media and public liability.


Feel free to contact us any time within reason !. So if you require a Production vehicle or any other Location Van give us a call. All prices are on the rate card and are daily including a standby person, for longer productions call us for a quote.


 Your Location Vehicle 

Now we have a fleet of specifically designed and built in house range of multi purpose Location Vehicles for Film TV Events and Show grounds, from a Mobile Mobile Artiste Green Room or Splitter van or 2 Position Make up Costume Split to our drivable Honeywagons. If you have used us before you will notice a huge difference with our fleet. 2021 yet again has involved a lot of changes for us and we replaced all our larger vehicle's now we have a more compact all in one all one multi purpose vision for our Production Vehicles that were heading towards, now we offer a range of Location Support Equipment that can arrive with our Vehicles then Making more efficient and environmentally friendly fleet of location vehicles that can go virtually anywhere you need with all the facilities of the larger vehicles, also overcome London's larger vehicle restrictions we now have to deal with.


All our location vehicles have been constructed in house specifically for our industry using our wealth of experience and we listen to what our clients needs are and make good use of their experiences to meet and exceed their requirements, resulting in the finest Media location van hire for on Location Filming in London and beyond. We can cater for Photo shoot location vehicle hire, Live Media,Events,Editorial, TV Commercials & The Movies. 


We are in a prime location just 20 minutes from Longcross studios and 25 minutes from Bray Studios 20 minutes from Shepperton Studios or Pinewood  and 45 minutes from Leavesden Studios puts us in the centre and within an hour from most the major landmarks around London.


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 The team at Splitz Facilities have a number of key responsibilities when out on location and will give you a hand and are part of your team during a shoot. They must ensure that their vehicle arrives in good time at a specified location, which often means starting work very early just to beat our traffic. They will have thoroughly researched, in advance, the best route to the location. For very remote locations, reaching the unit can be difficult for our larger vehicles, so considerable planning may be required to arrange suitable access usually taken care of by the location department. This may sometimes involve an advance recce of the location and liaising with the Location Manager, they must also find the best place to park the location vehicle so the crew can set up without causing obstruction.

Before the shoot starts. Drivers will prepare their vehicle, making sure that it is warm, clean and ready for use by the artists and crew before they arrive, and that all the appliances are in full working order. Throughout the shoot they are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle, its safety, and its cleanliness. At the end of the shooting day drivers must clean and refresh the unit before its next day ready for its next job, and may also need to drive it to the next location if working on a longer production. Driver/Standbys work very long hours, as they are often the first to arrive at location and are the very last to leave.


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